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Pittsburgh Art House Gallery and Studio


Pittsburgh Art House Gallery and Studio


I bought this house on April 19 2009 and hope that some day I will be able to turn it into an art gallery, studio, and living space for myself and 2 other struggling artists. Another reason I bought the place is because I injured myself 2 years ago and wanted to have a place of my own so I wont end up living under a bridge when my settlement runs out. I bought the place for 14,000 dollars as a bank repo. I paid cash so I have no mortgage.  I have always wanted to start my own business that would help struggling and emerging artists with an affordable place to live work and sell their artwork.  



The house is a huge hundred-year-old prairie four square that used to be either a convent or rectory. It is in disrepair but has a lot of potential. I hope to live on the first floor, which would double as gallery space. Since I injured myself 2 years ago I have had lower back problems that prevent me from being able to do much work on the place. I try not to let my daily pain stop me. Each day I try to do a little something to fix the place up. If I can only paint a small three-foot section of wall I can at least say I am trying and feel like I have a life still. So far I have had the roof, gutters and down spouts repaired by a contractor I found on the Internet. I have painted some of the walls textured some of the bad ceilings fixed the falling apart kitchen cabinets and threw down some flower seeds to dress up the yard. I also painted the front door and replaced a few pieces of broken window with plexi-glass just to keep the rain out till I can afford to have new ones put in. I have big dreams for the place but canít keep myself focused so I am putting my ideas on paper to get organized and help myself concentrate.

Future Plans


Right now the house is still in need of a lot of work. To keep myself on the right track I want to go room by room to consider what problems exist, and put down my thoughts of what I want to see done to correct them.

The First problem is the front porch. The porch floorboards are rotting and unsafe due to water damage from leaky down spouts and gutters, which I had repaired in May of 2009. I would like to replace the floor with new composite deck boards that are supposed to resist rot and never need painting or sanding or sealing. I would also like to replace the railings from wrought iron to wood and paint them to match the front door. There is an ugly window air conditioning unit in the front window that is totally out of place with the rest of the house. I would like to get rid of the air conditioner and replace the window with a new one that matches the front door. Last I would like to paint the porch ceiling and have the sofit covered with aluminum-clad material that requires no maintenance.

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